March 30, 2011

Little Stars

A good follow up to Explosions in The Sky.  Stars released an EP, Sad Robots, a few years ago.  It's a good little album of 6 tracks. I enjoy it for its mellow mood, and more than usual electronic sound.  Only recently did this EP get my attention, when I heard "Going Going Gone (Live)." This is an older track of theirs, but a live recording.  "Going Going Gone" is one of my favorite stars songs, and surprisingly, the live version sounds better than the original.  Sad Robots isn't amazing stuff, but for Stars fans it is very enjoyable. For your listening pleasure, her is "Going Going Gone (Live)."

Stars - Going, Going, Gone (Live) (Sad Robots EP) by TILLS

March 29, 2011

Album of the Week

Ever since Friday Night Lights (the movie, not the terrible TV show) featured these guys, I have been a super fan. All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone is still one the best things I have ever listened to.  Explosions in the Sky is back with a new album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.  It is as amazing as all of their other work.  The songs on the album are like chapters in a wordless novel.  It is truly amazing how they instill such emotion in their songs without lyrics.  They are epic stories that leave you anywhere from exhilarated to melancholy.  You may need a good 45 minutes to digest Take Care, Take Care, Take Care in its entirety, but it will be worth it.  Here are two tracks, but the album itself is one long track, so enjoy the excerpts.

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care by TILLS

March 14, 2011

Album of the Week

Frank Ocean surprised me.  I've been on a small hip-hop kick, and his album nostalgia,ULTRA, has been on serious rotation.  I dig his Craig Davidian slash Drake-ish sound.  A smooth soul singer with a rap like edge.  This premiere album features everything good about hip-hop from good beats, good lyrics, good vocals and good flow.  He may not blow you away, but his abilities are definitely satisfying.  The highlight is clearly "Novocaine," (apparently the new drug of choice). He has great topics from girls not understanding Radiohead, to not singing tracks for chicks, to conspiracy theories, to sampling MGMT, The Eagles, and even a movie (Eyes Wide Shut).  There is a lot to like here. Hope you enjoy nostalgia,ULTRA.

Frank Ocean Nostalgia ultra by dre2phresh

March 4, 2011

Get On The E-Train

Hip-Hop Friday is always one of my favorite posts. Finding some new rap artist that is trying to make it. I love their creativity and fresh take on rap music; unfortunately, we're all used to being given overly produced and emotionless, radio hip-hop songs.  E-Train gives us what we want.  His slow flow is unique and his beats are definitely hand made.  E-Train is definitely trying to make it though. He has released his own album (Wrath of Roxanne) on iTunes, shot his own video for Lonely at the top (or at least looks like he did), and made a theme song for the movie Inception.  Take a listen. "Glow So Hard" and "What Tomorrow Brings" are the tracks that will amaze you. If you want more, check out his album.  Enjoy your Friday!
INCEPTION - E-TRAIN ft. Notorious B.I.G. by eTRAINmusic
11- What Tomorrow Brings.mp3 by eTRAINmusic

March 3, 2011

Here To Take Care

Foster The People are coming out strong.  You may have heard their song, "Pumped Up Kicks,"out somewhere. This LA band is dropping thier new album, Torches, on May 24th; just in time for the summer. I say this because, they make music that makes you happy and makes. It's chill yet upbeat. Until then, I've been listening to their Foster The People EP. You should too.

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March 2, 2011

Song Of The Moment

It has been a while since I added a song to Song Of The Moment (top).  When I heard Jai Paul's "BTSTU," I could not stop playing it.  It has a crazy good beat, and his vocals fit so well.  I am excited to see what this young artist has in store.  For now, enjoy "BTSTU."
Jai Paul - BTSTU by TILLS

March 1, 2011

Tell Me Something Good

This was a close second for album of the week.  Jessica Lea Mayfield's sophomore album, Tell Me, is one that I had been waiting for for a long time as well.  Her first album is one of my favorites.  It's thick with melancholy love loss and beautifully sad yet singable lyrics.  I knew repeating something that personal and dark may be impossible, and it was.  Tell Me is a large departure from With Blasphemy So Heartfelt.  Some of it a good departure and some if not.  The album is a good album, but in comparison, falls a bit short from her previous work.  She dabbles in some harder rock and some funk, but her best stuff comes in the back half of the album, when she comes back to her melancholy goodness.  She just does it so well. Enjoy Jessica's Tell Me.
Jessica Lea Mayfield by Erica Martin

February 28, 2011

Album Of The Week

Deer Tick, Dawes, and Delta Spirit fans rejoice!  Middle Brother has arrived.  The super group no one knows about.  These guys (John, Taylor, and Matt) have each their own talented bands, but are the clear brains of their individual operations. They have left their respective bands to form Middle Brother. A folk rock band with some serious power. I have been excited for this album for some time.  When I finally got to hear it, it was exactly what I was hoping for.  Each of their bands have their flaws, but Middle Brother shows each at their best. I am not saying the album is flawless, but it is the best Deer Tick, Dawes, or Delta Spirit album yet.  Enjoy Middle Brother Middle Brother. If you want the hit, jump to "Million Dollar Bill."
Middle Brother by TILLS

February 25, 2011

Dostoyevsky Would Be Proud

Well, maybe not.  But he may have enjoyed Fathers Be Kind, the new EP from Seattle's Ivan & Alyosha. These guys have one album to their name from 2009 and have gotten a lot of cred from playing at SXSW.  Their new EP shows their great potential, and now's the time to get on board. Their style is some good, easy going, alternative, folk, acoustic rock.  Take a few, sit, and listen to Fathers Be Kind.  If nothing else, it will provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing 20 minutes.

February 24, 2011

It'sThe Return

Well that wasn't so bad.  About a year or two ago, TV on the Radio stated they were going their separate ways.  I was discouraged, as they make some great music and I was definitely going to miss it.  But, they are back already.  About the same wait time for normal album.  There were some highlights from their hiatus as Rain Machine and Maximum Balloon both came out (albums from Kyp Malone and Dave Sitek, respectively). I am psyched for the new album, Nine Types of Light.  While we wait, enjoy the album's first release "Will Do."
TV On The Radio - Will Do by Interscope Records